Gail Stanart for Texas House District 126

"As a 29-year resident of District 126, I am committed to conservative Republican principles to strengthen our families, schools and businesses. Please join me in fighting for you." - Gail

Reform Property Taxes

Gail believe we must advance property tax reform to decrease the burden on district families and propertyowners.

Resolve District Flooding

Gail will insist on funding and implementing solutions to our district flooding problems with a focus on Cypress Creek.

Unshackle Businesses

Strong businesses produce jobs. Gail wants to reduce regulations and burdensome taxes, including elimination of the franchise tax

Strengthen Families

Strong Families produce successful communities, with low crime, and better opportunities. Gail wants every family member to excel in their pursuit of the American dream.

Promote Wise Education Solutions

Gail seeks wise solutions to our public and private education system to help all our students realize a successful future.

Texas House District 126

Endorsed by Conservative Leaders

District 126 needs a PROVEN conservative that conservatives know and trust

Endorsed by over 100 conservative leaders

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